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About John Dame
About John Dame
About John Dame
Deepen Your Team Bench
About John Dame
Who's Got Your Back?
About John Dame
Grow Your Business
  • The Bottom Line

    Dame Management Strategies enhances your company's bottom line:

    • $1B in top line revenues produced by DMS clients
    • 5000+ full-time employees work for DMS clients
    • DMS facilitates 500+ executive sessions per year
    • DMS has 40 face-to-face meetings with CEOs every month

    DMS' focused purpose is to enhance the lives of executives and the results of their organizations.


    What if you make a mistake?

    The rules of the game have changed. This economy is a wild card. Learn how to bring the right resources to your company.

    Stretch outside your comfort zone to find out what works and what doesn’t. It’s your job to set the vision and choose the best points of leverage to drive results.


    Who questions your answers?

    Most executives don’t have anyone who will challenge their thoughts and decisions honestly. Your executive team is good—even great, but you cannot openly discuss a change in company strategy, the sale of your company, or the replacement of a key team member. You need unbiased input when you are making a tough decision.


    What is my role?

    We count six key obligations:

    • The CEO is the coach. Your company is made up of a series of teams whose players sell, make, deliver, and service your product.
    • The CEO is a student.
    • The CEO is an innovator.
    • The CEO is the strategist charged with developing a compelling vision, culture, and mission.
    • The CEO is the face of the company, internally and externally.
    • The CEO is the investor that manages the P&L and balance sheet.

    Who holds you accountable?

    Very few CEOs feel the tug of accountability. And, when that tug is felt, what do you do? Accelerate the results in your organization by defining what accountability looks like to you. A set of rules is rarely effective. In your business, accountability starts with you—you build the company culture every moment of every day.


    What do you do in times of change?

    Without a clear company vision, you cannot be sure where you are taking your organization. Strategy develops from vision. Vision tempers your decisions and drives the passion your employees feel for their work. 100% of your employees want to view their work as meaningful. Your vision provides the sense of purpose that defines your business culture.


    How does performance impact the bottom line?

    Without a clear company vision, you cannot be sure where you are taking your organization. Strategy develops from vision. Vision tempers your decisions and drives the passion your employees feel for their work. 100% of your employees want to view their work as meaningful. Your vision provides the sense of purpose that defines your business culture.


    Who understands the challenges you face?

    Learn from the collective experience of successful CEOs and add to your toolbox. Professional relationships should be deep, meaningful and completely transparent. Go foward with the knowledge that you are not alone.


    What happens if you don't evolve?

    Complacency is a form of organizational apathy that sneaks up on you. Great leaders need to be constantly challenged to move their organizations forward by defining urgent priorities. Each enterprise works on a cycle. You are either growing or dying. Apathetic or focused on a clear vision. You make the choice.

John Dame | Experience Builds Success

Relationships based on absolute trust encourage a culture of accountability...
not comfort.

  • 1968/On air personality for country's first album rock radio station
  • 1973/Radio account executive in Pittsburgh, PA - sold first $100K contract
  • 1975/Hired by ABC radio in Houston, TX as an account executive
  • 1977/General Manager in Harrisburg Market at age 25
  • 1992/COO of family owned Dame Media at 40 - grew to 23 station Mid-Atlantic Group
  • 1999/Dame Media sold to Clear Channel Communications for $65M
  • 1998/Founded Dame Gallagher Networks (DGN) operating in the Empire State Building NYC
  • 2002/DGN acquired by Salem Communications (SRN)
  • 2002/Founded Dame Management Strategies (DMS) to work with CEOs and their executive teams

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    What is your leadership agenda?
    We help you focus and execute.

    DMS will help you to define your leadership agenda, vision, and values with unfettered clarity, to focus on improving behaviors that will have an immediate positive impact on your organization, and to establish outcomes that align your organization with your vision. Our clients learn to lead.

    We are open to the use of your in-house leadership diagnostic tools, or we will recommend appropriate tools to provide depth to the coaching relationship.

    Leadership Diagnostic Tools/ASSESS by Success Performance Solutions.
    Leadership Diagnostic Tools/DISC ASSESSMENT by Success Performance Solutions.

    DMS builds executive peer groups using a proprietary process from Vistage International, the world's leading Chief Executive organization. The collective wisdom of a Vistage group accelerates executive growth and effectiveness. John Dame is a Chair of Central PA Vistage CEO peer groups that meet monthly.



    Without a plan you don't know where you are going.
    We can help you develop a plan—quickly.

    DMS FastTrack strategic planning puts your results first. We assist your development of a plan that matches what your organization is ready to accomplish now. Learn how to acquire the vision needed to motivate your team to align with you fully. Define your unique advantage, instill values/culture, and establish accountability. DMS provides the tools and teaches the behaviors that allow you to accelerate your performance.


    FastTrack Strategic Planning Process Outline | FastTrack Business Plan |
    FastTrack Key Results Areas | FastTrack Vision | FastTrack Leadership Agenda

    FastTrack Strategic Planning is a DMS proprietary toolset.


    Achieve Results and Joy in the Workplace

    Real leaders empower their teams and take their organization to its full potential. DMS is affiliated with Core4 Management System, a framework for building and sustaining successful management teams. Core4 focuses on maximizing the contribution of the individual and building synergy within the team to meet the goals of the organization. It is designed to produce results and foster joy in the workplace.

    Core4 Consists of:

    • Interactive team training.
    • Individual coaching.
    • A management process that results in a participative and empowered management team.

    Additional DMS Executive Development Programs:

    • Models for Leadership—Executive blended E-learning based development program; Research based seminars/workshops/speaking; Bring real world operational experience to your team
      Learn more by watching the DMS "Models for Leadership" video.

    We've Got Your Back

    You need relevant, timely data to make good decisions. And, where do you get that data? The marketplace is jammed with experts promoting their "next great solution". Whether it is a peer group meeting, 1-2-1 session, leadership blog, management blog , best selling book, or educational video, DMS screens, evaluates and vets all content. We make your job easier by giving you a single source for content that is meaningful to you and your organization. Every executive needs a support community.

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    "Monthly meetings with the Vistage group have been very rewarding. Beyond that, John Dame is an extraordinary professional whose mentoring, confidence building, and overall attentiveness, is priceless."

    - Ron Accomando,
      NAPA Transportation, Inc.

    "Working with John Dame has significantly improved our strategic decision making at Zimmer-Randall Associates as well as our strategic planning.  In these challenging economic times, John’s guidance and input have helped us stay focused and productive in expanding our business opportunities."

    - Mark W Randall,
      Zimmer-Randall Associates

    "John is a business coach who speaks with a voice of experience. I appreciate his candid, direct, but always friendly good advice."

    - Karen Gunnison,
      Murata Business Center

    "Real training for the real world."

    - Ed Mattos,
      Remco, Inc

    "This is Quote 5."

    - John Smith,
      Big Corp, Inc.

    "This is Quote 6."

    - John Smith,
      Big Corp, Inc.

    "This is Quote 7."

    - John Smith,
      Big Corp, Inc.

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    - John Smith,
      Big Corp, Inc.

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    - John Smith,
      Big Corp, Inc.


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    Contact Information

    Office: 717.651.9674
    Mobile: 717.497.4323
    Skype: damemanagementstrategies

    Mailing Address:
    Dame Management Strategies
    2016 Verona Drive
    Harrisburg, PA 17110

    Vistage Provides




    CEOs are Responsible for:

    • Culture
    • Values
    • Vision
    • Strategy
    • Development of their executive team
    • Bottom Line Financial Performance

    DMS Recommended Reading:
    The Executive Guide to Strategic Planning by Patrick Below
    Top Management Strategy by Benjamin Tregoe and John Zimmerman
    CEO Tools "The Nuts and Bolts of Business for Every Manager's Success" by Kraig Kramers

    Want to check out the alignment of your team? View Assessment Form and contact John for a free team assessment.




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